Saturday, August 4, 2007


That's right folks, Gary Gait is set to make his triumphant return to "The Hill." He has been inked to coach the women's lacrosse team, and the Salt City is all a titter! Gait is quite possibly the best lacrosse player of all-time, or so we're told. Gait was a six time MVP of the National Lacrosse League, is in both the US and National Lacrosse Hall of Fames (even though he's Canadian), and has scored many goal units. He also one the coveted Steinfeld Cup in 2005 as a player-coach!

And yes we wondered about the name of that Championship Trophy and yes it is named after Jake Steinfeld! Yes the Jake Steinfeld who gave us all a good look into the world of physical fitness with "Body by Jake" and even tested his acting chops with Big Brother Jake on the now defunct Family Channel that also gave us Gerbert. Apparently he helped found the league. Jake, not Gerbert. Who knew? Anyways.....

We are all excited to have Double G back in the Salt City, and are also extending a personal invite to Mike Rotunda, aka Irwin R. Schuyster. It could be just the thing to help put the SU wrestling program, back on the map.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Well the Syracuse Raging Bullz (that's right, spelled with a "z") have announced the signings of their first four players and we couldn't be more excited! So what are we waiting for, let's meet these marquee names:

Louis McCullough, Forward- King Louis is Kevin Garnett's half-brother, and if he's half as good as KG, they might as well forgo playing the season and ship that Championship trophy directly to the Salt City! We don't have his official stats from his stints in the British or the Mexican leagues, but we're pretty sure he was dominant. Plus the South Carolina Heat wouldn't make just anyone their 2005 #1 pick now would they?

Dayshawn Wright, Forward- A local favorite, D-Dub played for Syracuse's Fowler High School, and then, after a year at Oak Hill Academy, ended up playing for S.U. We use the term "playing" loosely, as D-Dub got little p.t. in his lone season with the Orange. After being unable to cut it in the classroom, Wright then tried moving on to NAIA powerhouse Mountain State University. But even out in the ozarks, D-Dub wasn't able to make the grade. After abandoning the college game completely, he became the CBA's 2006 #1 overall pick for the Minot Skyrockets. Yes a CBA #1 pick is gonna play for our Raging Bullz! Dare I say, "Championship!"

Marlin Johnson, Forward- Johnson knows what it takes to play in the ABA, as he averaged a triple-single last season with the Buffalo Silverbacks. While in Buffalo, he got to play with former S.U. stud Kueth Duany, so I'm sure he has heard all about the Salt City hot spots and is rarin' to go! He was also the Silverbacks third leading three-point shooter. Sure he only shot eight balls from beyond the arc, but nevertheless, 37.5% ain't half bad! It's actually like 62.5% bad.

Jon "Save" Ferris, Forward- Ferris is another local fav, hailing from nearby Liverpool. Ferris put up some solid numbers for the Golden Griffins of Canisius few years back, which means he knows how to scrap and hustle. That's right! He comes to us from the MAAC, folks! He's no Darren Fenn, but he'll do. He'll do.

Sure they have know guards or centers yet, but I've got a good feeling about this Forward rotation. With this kind of talent assessment, the sky's the limit in the Salt City!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Well it was a busy weekend in the Salt City, what with both the Syracuse Nationals and the Empire State Brewing and Musical Festival. Now Saul would have loved to have attended one of the top Brewfests in the nation, right here in my backyard, but alas, it costs money. Money that the Saultan just didn't have, and let's just say being one of the top 43 Syracuse blogs was not enough to garner a free pass for the event. Facist pigs! We did however hit up the newly opened Empire Brewery, for a splendid Heffeveizzen and a fine Golden Ale and the Suds Factory (scathing rant about this place coming soon) for a robust Veizzen and a flavorful enough Black Cherry. But I'm not here to talk about beer? I'll leave that to the gang over at Beerjanglin', they know what they're talking about. Well, sort of. No, I am here to talk about the Syracuse Nationals. No, not the now defunct basketball team that once resided in our fair city, but rather the parade of classic automobiles that passes through our neck of the woods every year. Okay, so I didn't actually attend this either, but I did see some of these classic pieces of metal roaming the streets, and lucky for you I was able to snap a few picks:
The vintage el camino:

The classic pinto:

The Family Truckster:

And of course the super charged Yugo:

So there, I think we painted a pretty good picture of this past weekend in the Salt City!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


This is a big time of year in Syracuse. It's outdoor festival season! That's right, with the good 'ol "Taste of Syracuse", the Salt City festival season is underway. Now, it seems, that they've managed to help the people of Syracuse get a small taste of the various cultures that make up this melting pot, we call the Salt City. There's GreekFest, PolishFest, GermanFest, ItalianFest, LatinoFest, etc. Seems like they have covered all the cultures that make up Syracuse. But they have missed one very big component in this Salt City stew. I am, of course, speaking of White Trash. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. There is no WhiteTrashFest. Just think of the possibilities.....

The Mullet Tent: Come on in and see some of the finest mullets in all of Central New York on display for your enjoyment, sponsored by mulletfancy. Vote for your favorite and be entered in for a chance to win a set of preowned lawn furniture! Don't mullet over, just come in!

Wife Beaters Galore: What?! You don't have your own wife beater? Well check out this vast collection of 100% cotton tanks, priced to move. They've got all styles, ribbed, un-ribbed and even some that come pre-stained with everything from catsup to mustard to beer.

Bud flowing like wine: That's right! At WhiteTrashFest, Budweiser products are around every corner. Bud, Bud Light, Bud Dry, Bud Ice, and even Bud slushies. And don't miss special guest and master of ceremonies, the one and only, Spuds MacKenzie. Plus a special perfomance by the Budweiser frogs.

Lawn Chair Alley: I think the name says it all folks. Come see the widest array of lawn furniture around. Not just lawn chairs, but lawn couches, lawn love seats and even lawn ottomans or lawnomans.

The Cavalcade of Stars: Get ready to shake your badonkadonk, cause we've got all your local favorites, like the Custom Taylor Band and many more!

And that's just the beginning! Some come one, come all. Shirts are optional. In fact going shirtless is encouraged. WhiteTrashFest......coming to a Salt City near you!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Salt City Saul is back after a much needed rest. And believe you, me, I'm back just in the nick of time! Oh wait that's with "Nick of Time " starring Johnny Depp. I picked up on sale at a local video retailer. Just kidding, but not really. So recently your good pal Saul was lurking about the Syracuse Bullies website and noticed they had a blog, or at least that's what they call it. One blog post read something like "What you think of the team name? Let us know." That's a post? C'MON! Well 22 people, weighed in on this hard-hitting subject that has had the Salty City all a titter, and we'll get to that in a moment. But first Saul would like to mention, that, as Saul started composing this triumphant return post, he saw that they were about to announce the changing of the team name. Now I have not been a fan of the name, but have some backbone for pete's sake! Stand by your choice people! Anyways, here is a look at those who are involved enough to weigh in on the question at hand:

"The name is HORRIBLE. You should use something to do with snow or ice. Syracuse has nothing to do with Bulls. Thanks and good luck."

"The logo is really cool! But the name is a problem! I might suggest

1. Syracuse Storm
2. Syracuse Nats
3. Syracuse Americans (close to Nationals)
4. Syracuse Salt City Slam
5. Syracuse Siege"

The Slam is probably my fav of those choices,but I still favor my Syracuse Freeze, The Salt City Squalls or The Syracuse A-SALT, but anyways.

"I understand as the owner you want to control things such as the name. Merchandising & logos are a BIG thing nowadays but I think a contest to name the team would be awesome. Have fans submit suggestions for a name and/or logo. IF you choose one of their suggestions then give them a pair of season tickets. Make certain guidelines that will direct their suggestions towards a name you will like. Break it down to 4-5 choices that you like and then have fans vote on them. You dont HAVE to use their choice, look at the SkyChiefs, they did a similar promotional event and ended up going with their own choice. The fans chose "Chiefs" (because they wanted to keep the historical name) but the team altered it to SkyChiefs. I think you could make a big PR positive out of this. Make an announcement, have the Jenna Foundation people there, tell the press that out of respect for the community (even though the intention was to promote a strong bull symbol) you have decided its better to have a good relationship with local groups such as Jenna Foundation. Ehh, just a thought."

This team actually did have fan involvement and picked from several of the more popular suggestions.

"I know that there is a picture of a bull right on the logo, but i think that most people won't associate the nickname with the mascot. i think that most people will think of it as a school yard type of "bully." and i don't think that's the message a professional basketball team should be putting out to society where a lot of the fans will be high school students where bullying is going on these days. they might get the wrong message from that."

"I agree. The name should have something to do that's relative to the city of Syracuse. Like how the Syracuse soccer team was named the "Salty Dawgs" after the salt city. Ice Kings, Snow Cats, etc. The Abominal Snowmen!"

Syracuse Freeze! No one?

"I think the name should stay. Maybe people shouldn't read so much in to the name. Come on the name should have something to do with snow or ice. The Syracuse Snowflakes just don't sound like a winning team. Why does everything have to be so P.C. now? Too bad if someone is offened by the name. It's not a ethnic or racial comment so stop crying everyone."

While I agree people are just a bit too p.c., this guy is obviously some sort of bully who takes lollipops from children and washes them down with a nice forty ouncer of St.Ides, which is not the forty of choice for this blogger.

"I wish Ihad found this web site earlier. 'Bullies' is childish, unmanly name. Think of strength and carry Syracuse's honor...maybe: a stalwart stonecutter - one of the men who chisled away the earth to make our Erie Canal.
We want something to be proud of and support our children. I am not interested in paying to watch 'bullies'."


"I agree, the name is horrible. Having said that, I don't have a suggesion as to what the name should be but think it would be great to leverage something Syracuse is / was known for (i.e. Salt City, the Nationals (Syracuse Nationals). Good Luck with getting things started, I can't wait for the 1st season to begin."

"I know its probably not possible, but brining back the Nationals logo and name would be genius."

I don't know about genius, but it'd be something alright.

"I like the name, but if i could change it i would go with the Syracuse Saltines, get the sponsorship of the saltine brand and go from there. Still psyched about the team though, good luck!"

This we like, but we thought this could be the dance team's name.

"Simply put, keep the name. Ignore the people trying to glom on to 15 minutes of fame (even if it is 15 minutes of local fame for a complete farce of an agenda). Keep the name."

What?! Glom? Is that like Glom Rock?

"It soooooo obvious for a team name.....something with Orange and something mean...... Cream (aka creamsicles) *L* Team Colors Orange & white."

Mmmmmmmmmm, creamsicles!

"How about 'The Lake Effect!'"

SCS approved! I would so buy a Lake Effect jersey!

"How about Syracuse Gnats? Would reference Syracuse's old NBA team the Nationals and there could be some kind of cool bug mascot. Would also fit into the idea of a swarming quick moving team."

We like the play on words, but gnats? Really?

"ummm with all the flak about violence how's about the syracuse sissies?!"

"I don't have any problem with the name. However I do have a problem with one of the proposed names listed in a recent MSNBC article about the problem. This article suggeted that a name under consideration was the snowballers. Um... snowballer is defined by the Urban dictonary as "A person who sucks dick, gets cummed in his/her mouth. Then makes out with the person who cummed in their mouth while still having cum in their mouth."

Wait, so what's the problem?

"Call yourselves whatever you want, but only after thinking it out."

That's deep, man.

Well, for those not closely following this story, the new name is, drum roll please..............................The Raging Bulls. I hope they have a Raging Bull night where they hand out the movie to the first 500 fans. VHS of course! Or Jake LaMotta look-a-like night. Well, they didn't use any of Saul's suggestions but we'll take it. We have also decided we need to be the unofficial blog of the Syracuse Raging Bulls! And so it shall be.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Syracuse University graduate Aaron Sorkin's recent endeavor, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, has been canned. Sorkin had recent success with the West Wing, but our favorite work of his, is of course Sports Night with an ensemble that included Deseparate Housewife-Felicity Huffman, Benson-Robert Guillaume, that guy in Six Feet Under and Josh Charles. Now Sorkin is known for injecting fast paced and witty dialogue into his programs. Now Studio 60 had that, but a lot of the characters and plots were too weak to carry an hour show. Sorkin also switched the focus of the show midstream, and made it into a romance driven crapfest. But this will not hold down the great and powerful Aaron Sorkin. No, no, no. So SCS thought he'd take a look at some possible ideas for Sorkin's next television endeavor. So we thought, where we would, as the American public, really want to get a better look:

THE BOOTH: A behind the scenes look at a sports announcing team. Possibly for something like Sunday or Monday night football. I'm seeing maybe David Hasselhoff and Tim Meadows, with say, Mario Lopez. Tough to say if this could keep a captive audience. What am I saying?! With Sorkin's behind the wheel it's sure to be money in the bank! I mean of course the actual announcing would be crap, but the week long meetings with the teams coaches, watching video and practices, would be great television. Just off the top of our heads, some guys that could be cast as coaches, umm, how about Brian Dennehy? Stacy Keach? Carl Weathers? or the White Shadow's Ken Howard? All great thespians in their own rights.

THE BAND: Nothing better than a look behind the scenes of an up and coming adult contemporary band. The name of the band could become the name of the show. Perhaps something like Flutterbug, or Circus Peanuts. The name is still up for grabs. I'm seeing maybe Bruce Campbell as the band manager, with Jared Leto, Matt Long, and perhaps AJ Langer (My So Called Life) or Jenna Van Oy (Six from Blossom) as the band. This might be too young, hip and edgy for Mr. Sorkin, but who knows. I mean life on the road, in the recording studio, public appearance gone awry, it's got People's Choice Award written all over it.

TRUE TO LIFE: A real inside look at some reality show. Hit on what's hot. This would be a look at the people who run the and produce the reality show. This could be a Real World or a compettion one like American Idol. This might be hard to keep interesting. But we'd watch for a couple of episodes. Inside the constant turmoil of the contestants driving them crazy combined with the inside intertwining relationships amongst the staff, etc. You'd need someone British of course, like maybe a Ricky Gervais type. We're also seeing Tim Daly for this, even though he's due to be in the Grey's Anatomy spin-off. Or maybe Paul Rudd? Or the one and only Michael Ian Black? And they have to get Doug E. Doug. His talent is just out there, untapped. Sounds great, right?

Or maybe a show about doctors? Or lawyers? Or maybe investigators, cause we never seen any of those on the ol' boob tube. Just remember Aaron if any of these hit it big, you owe Saul some royalties my friend! I have witnesses, and it's documented right here for all seven of my readers to see. So trust me Sorkin, if you screw me over you'll need more than just a few good men to keep me away!

Friday, April 27, 2007


Yes that's right, it's the time of year to honor, support and plant trees. And plant them we should. Enough of snowstorms in April, tornadoes swooping all around, and not just in Kansas, hurricanes, . It's all fixable isn't it? That's what Al Gore says, and if it weren't for him, you could only be reading this on some sort of Common Sense Pamphlet I'd be strewning about town. (Yes strewning) Cause as we all know the former Vice President invented the internet and for that we owe him a great deal, but isn't it convenient for him that after his movie about the Earth's impending doom, all this weather goes all haywire. A little too convenient, don't ya think? Yes Salt City Saul has figured him out. All this global warming hulabaloo is a big myth, you see. Thanks to some keen investigating and knowledge of cartoons, we've been able to uncover the harsh truth. And now we're gonna blow Mr. Gore's cockamamie theories right out of the water! You see we reckon that Mr.Gore has built himself a weather machine, much like that of Professor Norton Nimnul in an episode of Chip'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers. Yes Professor Nimnul used his machine to aid him in stealing various jewels, monies and trinkets. But what does Al Gore have to gain? Ummm, how 'bout documentary sales? If lots of people go see it, he can then parlay it into books, lectures, and personal appearances, and ultimately world domination. Nice try Mr. Gore, if that is your real name, but you're not fooling this blogger, just be on the lookout for Chipmunks and mice, because Moneterey jack is one bad mammamjamma!